Home Owners Association



Escrow Companies




Park Place Management does not provide any HOA information over the phone.

If you need any information or documents, you must email your request to, or you may fax over your request

to (818) 887-4400.





If you would like to request any documents, you must provide us with the following in order for us to send you the requested paperwork:


   Fax number




Please call our office at (818) 887-2200 or email us to with detailed information of your request.



Please be advised that the HOA's are responsible for repairs in the common areas only. Anything inside your unit, is your responsibility.

If you'd like to request any repairs, please fill out a HOA Maintenance Request form below. If you have an emergency please call our office at (818) 887-2200 or after hours to our Emergency Number at (818) 908-4682.